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August in Japan, [2]

We went on next to the hot spring town of Kinosaki Onsen. It has seven public hot springs around the town. People stroll about in yukatas and getas going from one bath house to another. It is a very attractive small town, especially along the river.

Kinosaki bridge

Another view of the river, with a small grey egret

Public onsen entrance

There were of course the usual souvenir shops and restaurants. It was enjoyable to walk around town, in spite of the heat.

We then went on to Tottori to see the beautiful coast and the famous sand dunes.

Tottori dunes

I am afraid it was too hot to go trudge on them, and the sand was burning!

We went on to see the Gembudo caves, with very interesting basalt rock formations. It was pleasantly shady there.

The entrance

More basalt

Then we took the train and went on to Matsue, where I had stayed last April. This time I visited the castle, took a boat trip on the Horikawa river, which serves as a moat. Then we went to visit Izumo Taisha, an important old Shinto shrine. It attracts 450,000 visitors a year!

The banks of the Horikawa river. Saw several herons, but did not manage to photograph them

Matsue castle

Outer building, Izumo

Roof detail, Izumo

Unexpected object: a sculpture of the famous "wave" of Hokusai

The third and final installment coming up!

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