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Still paintings
drinking bird
I guess it is about time I posted a new entry, which, for the time being, means putting up a few more pictures. I hope you like them.

Hiraizumi garden, Japan

Sado Island Inlet, Japan

French Canal

Windward Oahu

Mt Osorno, Andes

The garden at Hiraizumi is that of Moutsou-ji temple, which was largely destroyed by Yoritomo, as the rest of the city. But other temples and gardens remain. I went to the hill where Yoshitsune died. There is a small memorial to him erected by Date Musumane around 1600. It is much visited. The poet Basho came and wrote:
The dead grasses are all that remains
Of ancient warriors dreams.

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I like the French canal. The sun light looked real. ^ o ^

waaahh soo good ^O^ *thumbs up* .. wat medium did u use?

I use either oil or acrylics, mostly acrylics. The Alps picture(second post) was done with oil, because it flows nicely and I thought would be better for the snow and still water. But I also did the Anasazi granaries (first post) with oil.

i don't know much about painting, but they are just sooooo beautiful!!!! i like all of them, esp the Costa Rica, after the rain in ur last entry. keep it up! u will definitely become famous:)

Helenlu, thanks for the compliments! I doubt I will become famous, but I certainly will keep painting and trying to improve.

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