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Trip to Japan [3]

The gardens at the Adachi Museum are viewed from various places in and around the building. there are some special windows which frame a view, or glass walls, or open galleries to get you closer.

All shades of green, and early leaves on red maples

A dry landscape: note the bridge, made of a single stone, over the sand river

A pond garden

I didn't see very much of Okayama, on the Inland Sea coast, but I did visit its famous Kôrakuen parc. It was really a pleasure to stroll around in it.

Bamboo forest and red maple

View of the lake, with small island and bridge

Bridge over a small river, with a still blooming weeping cherry.

I guess one of the highlights of my trip was Kyoto, the city with a seemingly inexhaustible number of temples and gardens. I have been there several times, and never cease to be caught up by the charm of it. On my first visiting day, it unfortunately rained a lot. But I did make it to Ninjo castle. The gardens there are lovely. I saw an interesting temporary display.

An interesting modern take on Zen sand gardens.

A wet stone path

I will continue with Kyoto in my next post.

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