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Trip to Japan [3]
drinking bird
The gardens at the Adachi Museum are viewed from various places in and around the building. there are some special windows which frame a view, or glass walls, or open galleries to get you closer.

All shades of green, and early leaves on red maples

A dry landscape: note the bridge, made of a single stone, over the sand river

A pond garden

I didn't see very much of Okayama, on the Inland Sea coast, but I did visit its famous Kôrakuen parc. It was really a pleasure to stroll around in it.

Bamboo forest and red maple

View of the lake, with small island and bridge

Bridge over a small river, with a still blooming weeping cherry.

I guess one of the highlights of my trip was Kyoto, the city with a seemingly inexhaustible number of temples and gardens. I have been there several times, and never cease to be caught up by the charm of it. On my first visiting day, it unfortunately rained a lot. But I did make it to Ninjo castle. The gardens there are lovely. I saw an interesting temporary display.

An interesting modern take on Zen sand gardens.

A wet stone path

I will continue with Kyoto in my next post.

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Love the atop garden pics, esp. pic #2 & 3. Reminds me of this garden I visited too but forgot the name to it. lol It was down southside, Kyoto too I think; don't quote me on it. (don't remember)

ohhh, now this bamboo forest reminds me of Yoshitsune running through the forest really fast. lol Looks so pretty w/sakura.♥♥

Omgosh, now these pics of the bridge w/weeping sakura is hontoni kireii. I can just see myself wearing a fancy kimono like Kyoto women, strolling through the pathways and admiring sakura. XDD Very nice!

I, too, am very fond of visiting Kyoto myself just like how Tono loves visiting there. No, it's not because he likes visiting there that I like it. It's since after going there on tour, I appreciated Kyoto & Hokkaido more than any place on the duration of our entire trip.

Seeing Kyoto made my trip worthwhile and I guess having to finally visit areas within Kyoto that were a part of some taiga dramas, it's simply breath-takingly beautiful. It sure has it's personal charm. ^^

Sugeee...love this intersting zen design/disply of the garden from this Ninjo castle pic. My father would've loved to see this. These types of gardens are our favorite.

Love the stone path too...so traditional and japanesque.♥♥

Thanks 4 sharing these! Can't wait for your next threads...^_^

beautiful... I always love japanese garden... ^ ^

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