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Trip to Japan

I just returned from Japan, where I was visiting gardens, and of course saw Takizawa Kabuki. For the latter, go read Nyanco's report on the Words of Love forum, I will not repeat the same things. Suffice to say I thought it was a truly wonderful show. Really quite different from Enbujou. Not just the second part, where Masakado replaced Yoshitsune, but also the first part, where much was changed.

In Tokyo, I went to visit the old area of Kagurazaka
, which is rather picturesque.

House entrance

I also saw the beautiful park of Rikugi-en

A pond at Rikugi-en

Then I went on to Kanazawa.

Here I started by visiting a friend's house and her pretty garden.

We went on to see the old samurai quarter

A corner of a samurai's garden

Koi in the pond

Then we went on to the castle. It was largely destroyed by fire, but parts have survived and were recently renovated.

Maeda Toshiie's shrine.

A view inside the walls.

But, nearby, the pride of Kanazawa is Koraku-en, a truly magnificent park. I will post photos from it tomorrow.


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