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(no subject)
drinking bird
I am leaving for Japan tomorrow, so I will be on hiatus until the 23rd.

I am going to visit famous gardens, so I am obviously carrying cameras and hoping for good weather.
  But before I go around Japan admiring these gardens, I will be in Tokyo so that I can go to Takizawa Kabuki and applaud Takki!

This is the Takizawa Kabuki poster [credit takki.us]

My picture is unfortunately a little blurry. However, I am filled with anticipation at seeing the show, with a new second act!.

Jà, mata!

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ohhhh you know how I alraedy feel about u going...I had a 'hint' you might've gone to see Tono's new butai. lol

Nyways, happily anticipating upon your return w/a report and details! *squeeee* @___@ I want details!!! lol (w/pics too I might add) *onegai*

By the time you get back, hopefully I'll get my butai goods in the mail as well. Gonna check my postal box Mon. morng. lol Email me soon! XDD♥♥

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